We are one of Brazil’s biggest and most diversified insurance brokerage companies. Currently, we have around 46 brokerage firms, founded by partners with an average of 20 years’ experience in the Brazilian insurance brokerage market.

Our brokerage firms sell a huge variety of products, including health, dental, auto, fleet, guarantee, civil liability, engineering risks, massified and high-risk insurances; presented in 11 states.

The main activity of the brokers is the insurance intermediation, and its revenues comes substantially from commissions received from insurance companies and health insurance providers on the sale of insurance policies.

The brokers have a direct relationship with clients, intermediating the sale of insurance product according to the current legislation, but do not assume any sinister risk related to the policies sold.

Our main segments of activities are:

Personal Insurance
Property Residential, marine / aviation hull, artwork, rural.
Auto Vehicle.
Health / Life Personal accident, individual life, travel, individual health, dental, education, loans.
Liability Lease guarantee, professional civil liability.
Massified Extended guarantee, protected purse, electro-portable, assistances.

Corporate Insurance
Property Aviation, rural, lost profits, operating risks.
Auto Vehicle or corporate fleet.
Cargo Marine Marine hull, transport (cargo).
Benefits Group health, group dental, private pension, travel, group life, group personal accident, education.
Surety / Credit Performance bonds, credit, lease guarantee.
Engineering Risk Engineering Risks.
Liability General civil liability, D&O.