Competitive Strengths

We operate nationwide, covering the principal markets in Brazil with a complete portfolio of products and services. Our 46 Brokerage Firms are present in eleven states in Brazil, and the ability to act and provide services covers other locations as well since the industry regulation allows us to serve customers across the country.

Our deep knowledge of our customers allow us to identify the products and services that are most suitable to their needs, and we therefore enjoy high levels of customer loyalty.

We work in a significant scale, which provides us better leverage with insurance companies leading to better negotiation conditions in commercial agreements.

Alper’s brokerage firms and its subsidiaries have broad experience in the insurance brokerage industry, with an average of 20 years of experience. Thus, each one of them benefits us in a unique way, offering knowledge of the markets in which they operate and specialization in different segments of the insurance business, also, the contracts with such brokers include exclusivity and non-competition clauses from five to seven years duration.