Board and Council

The following members compose the Company’s Executive Directors:

Executive Directors

Name Position Date of last election
Marcos Aurélio Couto CEO and IRO 12/16/2017 Board of Director’s Meeting
Lucas Moreno Neves CFO 03/26/2018 Board of Director’s Meeting
André de Barros Martins Business Director and COO 10/19/2018 Board of Director’s Meeting
Antônio Luiz Joaquim Sallenave de Azevêdo Business Director 10/23/2018 Board of Director’s Meeting
Laura Hirata Garcia Chief Legal and Compliance Officer 10/28/2019 Board of Director’s Meeting

Board of Directors

Name Position Date of last election
Marcelo Faria de Lima Independent Chairman 04/27/2018 AGM
Luiz Eduardo Moreira Caio Vice-Chairman 04/27/2018 AGM
Pawel MacNicol Independent Member 04/27/2018 AGM
Roberto Dagnoni Independent Member 04/27/2018 AGM
Tarcisio José Massote Godoy Independent Member 04/27/2018 AGM
Mauro César Batista Alternate member 04/27/2018 AGM

Fiscal Council

Fiscal council hasn’t been installed for the fiscal year of 2019.