Internal Policies

Dividends Policy

Alper’s bylaws stipulate that 25% of the net profit for the fiscal period, after the constitution of legal savings, in forms of the article 202 of the Law of the Shares Partnerships, will be distributed to shareholders as a mandatory minimum dividend.

The periodicity of the dividends distribution is annual.

There is bylaws’ authorization for the company, by Administration Council deliberation, to declare dividends in account for accumulated profits or profits verified in balances raised at any period of time, which shall be inputted to the mandatory dividend referring the current fiscal period. In terms of the article 202, paragraph 4th, of the Law of the Shares Partnerships, the minimum dividend will not be mandatory for the fiscal period in which the administration informs the Shareholders Meeting that it is incompatible with the Company’s financial situation.

For more details on the subject, access the Company’s Bylaws

Commitment Arbitration Clause

The Bylaws stipulates that the Company, its shareholders, administrators and members of the Fiscal Council are obligated to solve, by arbitration, every and any dispute or controversy that may rise among them, related or deriving, specially, of the application, validity, efficiency, interpretation, violation and its effects, of the statements contained in the: New Market Regulation, Bylaws, statements of the Law of the Anonymous Partnerships, norms edited by Conselho Monetário Nacional, Banco Central do Brasil and CVM; as well as other norms applicable to the operation of the capital markets, besides those stated on the Regulation of Arbitration of the Market Arbitration Chamber. These situations must be conducted along with the Market Arbitration Chamber instituted by BM&FBOVESPA, in accordance to the Regulation of the referred Chamber, being the parts allowed, in the terms of Chapter 12 of said Regulation, to choose in common agreement another chamber or arbitration center to solve their litigations.

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