A) Where are Alper’s shares negotiated?

The shares are registered to be negotiated at BM&FBOVESPA under the code BRIN3, admitted to negotiation at the New Market, highest level of corporate governance practices of the stock exchange.

B) Which are the rights, advantages and restrictions of Alper’s ordinary shares?

The shares entitle their subscribers or purchasers, the rights and advantages cited below, being subject to restrictions established by the Law of the Shares Partnerships, by the New Market Regulation and the Company’s Bylaws.

  1. Voting right in the Company’s Annual Shareholders Meetings, each ordinary share corresponding to a vote;
  2. Right to mandatory dividend, in each fiscal period, equivalent to 25% of the net profit adjusted in terms of the article 202 of the Law of the Shares Partnerships;
  3. Right to fully receive dividends and other incomes of any nature that we come to declare starting from the date of allotment liquidation, according to the case; and
  4. Right of alienation of the shares under the same condition secured to the alienating controlling shareholder, in case of alienation, direct or indirect, a titulo oneroso, of our control, both as a unique operation or successive operations (tag along of 100% of the price).

C) How and where Alper discloses its information.

According to Alper’s disclosure policy, the disclosure of Material Act or Fact will be done by electronic means to the competent regulatory authorities and the stock exchange and/or balcony market, through Valor Econômico news website (http://www.valor.com.br/valor-ri), the Company’s website (http://ir.alperseguros.com.br) and CVM system for uploading periodic and eventual information (SistemaEmpresas.Net), according to the authority given by CVM Instruction º547 of February 5, 2014.

Besides that, other documents such as Notices to the Market, Earnings Releases, Presentations to shareholders, Reference Form, Minutes of Meetings, 358 Form, among others, will be available at the Investor Relations website and CVM website.

D) How to invest in shares?

Before looking for a Securities Broker, its suggested that the subject is studied at BM&FBOVESPA website. São Paulo Stock Exchange elaborated a basic course over the stock market, with three distinct modules, which bring exercises to test the knowledge over the subject, as follows:

  1. Basic Course: "Stock Market"
  2. Basic Course: "Cash Market"
  3. Basic Course: "Options Market"

After a better understanding over the subject, you should find a Securities Broker, that along with other financial intermediators that have professionals focused on market, sectors and companies analyses and, in this way, may inform over the ideal moments for buying or selling certain shares, seeking to optimize the results.

Besides that, shares can be negotiated over the internet. For such, it is necessary that you become a client of a Brokerage Company that has a Home Broker system.

E) How can i talk to Investor Relations area?

You may come in contact by e-mail: ri@alperseguros.com.br or by the phone: +55 11 31752920.

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Rua: Gilberto Sabino, 215 - 13º andar.
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