Material Fact

BR Insurance Corretora de Seguros S.A. (in the transition phase to change its name to "Alper Consultoria e Corretora de Seguros S.A." - "Company") (B3: BRIN3), in attendance to §4th of Article 157 of Law 6,404/76 (as amended) and the CVM Instruction number 358/02 (as amended), hereby announces to its shareholders and the market in general the following:

1) On December 14th, 2018, the Company concluded the acquisition of 100% of the capital stock of "Capilano Corretora de Seguros de Vida Ltda." ("KB Consulting"). The acquisition is in line with the Company‘s long-term strategy and complements its portfolio of benefits. In 2018, KB Consulting, based in São Paulo, is expected to transact a total premium of approximately R$24 million and currently manages a portfolio of 18,000 beneficiaries when adding health, life and dental insurance.

2) The acquisition was approved at a meeting of the Company‘s Board of Directors held on December 13th, 2018. The Company announces that, according to calculations made by its management, were not verified the cases of items I and II of Art. 256 of Law 6,404/76, so the acquisition of KB Consulting does not depend on resolution of the Company‘s Shareholders Meeting and shall not give rise to the right of withdrawal to its shareholders.

The Company, through its Investor Relations Department, is available for any clarification through its relationship channels.

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São Paulo, December 14th, 2018.

Marcos Aurélio Couto
Chief Executive Officer and Investor Relations Officer